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Preparing Your Home For Viewings

Congratulations you have viewings for your property! Now is the time to ensure you get the best possible outcome by ensuring your property is showcased to its potential!

Long gone are the days where you are required to paint your home yellow or bake bread! Romans have put together some quick tips to ensure your property is ready for those essential viewings.


If you have any non-essential items which could be cleared away, now is the time to do it.
Possible buyers are looking to imagine what their possessions and furniture will look like in your home, this doesn’t mean removing furniture but a simple declutter of non-essential items can create a clean space to allow their imaginations to run wild in a positive way!
Top Tip – don’t put everything into built in furniture or attic space as it’s likely the potential buyers will want to look at these spaces as well.

Spring Clean

Once you have decluttered you may find dust and dirt, give your home the best possible chance by creating a clean space for your potential buyers to walk through. This is a great opportunity to give your home a spring clean concentrating on the entrance to your home making it as inviting as possible, making viewers want to come in. Flooring, bathrooms and toilets are also important and ensuring all animal products such as litter trays or food bowls have been cleared away or kept tidy.

Smells Are Important!

Ensure there are no pet odours in your home, if this can’t be helped it is worth getting a simple and inexpensive diffuser but ensure there are no powerful scents which may take your viewers breathe away and therefore put them off your property. Open some windows and let some fresh air into your home.
Top Tip – Be careful not to cook anything which has a powerful odour before your viewings such as fish.

Outdoor Space

Draw attention to your outdoor space, this can sometimes be a crucial for your potential buyers especially buyers with families. Make the most out of your space by ensuring the lawn has been mowed and any weeding has been done from beds or pathways. Boost your curb appeal and create an inviting entrance to your home.

Finishing Touches

Now that your home is clean and ready, add some inexpensive finishing touches. This doesn’t need to be an expensive thing to do, simply adding fresh bedding to your bedroom, fresh towels in the bathroom and a simple vase with some flowers can really brighten up and change the feel to your home. Make the most out of large spaces adding small elements to create a homely feel.


We hope these tips have helped you in your search for a buyer for your home! If you would like help selling, contact our friendly agents today.