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Put some enjoyment back into buying

Does buying a property need to be stressful?

Mortgage complexities and surveys, relocating and conveyancing the list of obstacles to overcome can be daunting for some, in fact it’s been proven.

Research from Which? Mortgage Advisers has revealed that buying and selling property is one of the most stressful life experiences ranking it above having a child and second only to going through a divorce.

In a survey of nearly 2,000 members of the public who had purchased or sold a property in the last 5 years, those surveyed were asked to rate how stressful they found each major life event, the options posed ranged from going through a divorce to buying a new car.

The Stress List:

Divorce: 78%
Selling a house: 70%
Buying a house: 69%
Arranging care for an elderly relative: 68%
Having a child: 53%
Changing jobs: 49%
Getting married: 40%
Finding a school for your child: 36%
Retiring from work: 22%

While going through a divorce came out on top of the list of life’s most stressful events, with four in five people (78%) considering it stressful, buying and selling property followed closely behind, with seven in 10 people (69 and 70% respectively) finding either process nerve-wracking.

As an Estate Agent, it is our responsibility to ease these burdens as much as we can, this is what separates the good from the bad and where the real value in our services is provided. In this digital age which has seen increasing numbers of people opting for online agents there is still a want and more importantly the need for reassurance, face to face interactions and good old-fashioned customer service. Going the extra mile for our clients is something that everyone here at Romans takes great pride in, attention to detail, customer relationship management and clear, concise and informative communication.

The good news for the industry is Estate Agents ranked someway down the list in terms of the factors that cause stress during the sales process.

  1. Slow solicitors
  2. The risk of it falling through
  3. The huge sums of money at stake
  4. All the documentation to complete
  5. Endless phone calls
  6. The survey
  7. Difficult vendors
  8. Difficult estate agents
  9. Being gazumped at the last minute
  10. Disruption caused to your working day

This week at Romans HQ we asked ourselves a simple question, does buying a home NEED to be stressful? The simple answer is NO. Much like anything in life educating yourself prior to a decision is key, we will now be combining the informative with the enjoyable and offering Chauffeur driven viewings to all our buyers whilst providing full in car property presentations complete with 3D walk through tour and complimentary champagne on arrival.


We understand that this is just the first step of the journey to completion but why not start things off on the right foot?! Combined with the in-house mortgage and conveyancing solutions we already offer we hope to enhance our customers experience through its entirety.

Just another reason to choose Romans Prestige Property Sales – Hastings Most Prestigious Estate Agent.